The most sensitive and powerful of all the senses is smell, and it is affecting the emotional part of the brain and not be manipulated. The strategy is to put the scent a space.

Professor DR. Anja Stöhr at the scientific and technical university in Dresden and Dr.. A.R. Hirsch has at IKEA conducted a study with surprising results, where it turns out that customers stay 54% longer in a scented room and customer satisfaction increases with 7%. Sales can increase by up to 6%. All this according to Professor Stöhrs treatise called “Air design as a success factor in the trade”.

Using the right scent is the key to success. Through the years we have created many memories of smells. Large companies such as airports and major office buildings working with ventilation where our natural scents work and in this way you get a huge improvement in air quality, it leads to satisfied customers, guests and employees.

A healthy climate also gives better results!